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Following ancient traditions that value the transformative power of nature, this retreat will be spent meditating outdoors in the natural beauty and mystery of the San Juan mountains at Tara Mandala.  Whether during sunrise and sunset meditations, listening to the soothing sounds of the breeze, or sitting graced in the stillness of the aspen trees, we will open to the profound serenity and wisdom of nature.

This silent retreat is grounded in the practice of mindfulness – the capacity to be awake and naturally present to ourselves and our environment. Participants will learn to bring this receptive presence to develop a contemplative relationship with nature.
By cultivating an inner quiet and curious spirit we can learn from nature as a perennial teacher. The natural world reveals timeless Dharma teachings that support a natural letting go and a wise relationship to all experience. Participants will also discover how meditative time outdoors leads to beautiful states of joy, peace, wonder, love and connection with oneself, each other and the larger web of life.

On the retreat there will be guided nature-based meditations, mindful walks, Dharma talks on meditation and nature and group meetings with the teacher. There will be time to relish in the silence outdoors and to explore the wilderness of nature both in solitude and as part of the group.

To support a depth of meditative awareness, complete silence is maintained throughout the retreat except during meetings with your teachers and group discussion.

This workshop is appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators who are curious about meditation, mindfulness and how to deepen your insight practice and open your connection to the mystery of the natural world.  Be prepared for unexpected delight, mystery, silence and illumination.

Dates and Times: September 20 at 6 pm through September 26 at 10 am

Lodging: Camping only

Nearest main airport: 90 minutes from the La Plata County airport in Durango (DRO) and 4 1/2 hours from the Albuquerque airport
More transportation info: https://www.taramandala.org/the-center/registration-information/arrival-and-departure/
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