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with Mark Coleman and Christine Lustik

Given the Covid-19 restrictions on gathering, on this nature retreat you will receive teachings and guided nature meditation practices delivered throughout the days from Mark Coleman and Christine Lustik, via the platform Zoom.

On this retreat you could be meditating in your garden, on your deck or in a safe space in nature, in the woods, by a stream, pond or ocean, (wherever you can get signal on your phone or computer, practicing of course, social distancing. We will learn that we can practice meditation in nature anywhere, even while looking out a window at skies, clouds, birds and sunlight and receive the power of nature’s blessing.

As we practice alone, but together, we will explore potent contemplative nature practices that open the heart and mind to insight, intimacy, and interconnection with all life. We will learn from nature’s wisdom that illuminate Dharma teachings of transience, interdependence, and letting go. We will also see how nature evokes profound peace and calm as well as beautiful qualities of joy, wonder, and love – qualities so essential in these stressful pandemic times.

This retreat will weave together periods of guided sitting and walking meditation, talks, discussion, mindful movement and ways to practice in nature near your home.