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Like the Buddha, people for millennia have sought sanctuary in the refuge of the natural world. In this tranquil and rejuvenating online retreat, we’ll explore how meditation is supported by the stillness of nature as we spend the day in sitting and walking meditation, accessible wherever you are.

Through nature meditation practices, we utilize the quality of mindfulness to support us being present to our direct experience and the earth around us. By learning from nature’s perennial wisdom teachings on impermanence, interconnection, and letting go, we will learn to be responsive to whatever condition we encounter.

Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere surrounded by the beauty of springtime or in the southern hemisphere deepening into autumn, we will open up to how nature evokes many sublime qualities of joy, peace, wonder, and love. With love also arises the wish to take care of what we love.

The retreat will include discussion, guided meditation, and periods of guided silent practice.

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