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What You’ll Learn
Over 10 sessions, these beautiful practices will help you develop the profound loving capacity of the heart. You will cultivate the sublime meditations of Love, Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness and Empathy. You begin by cultivating a kind presence towards yourself and then grow this boundless heart to include all life so you live with a loving presence wherever you go.

Lesson 1: Establishing Loving Awareness
Lesson 2: Growing the Heart of Kindness/Self-Love
Lesson 3: Sharing Love – Extending Your Heart to Loved Ones
Lesson 4: Cultivating Empathy in Daily Life
Lesson 5: Expanding Our Field of Love
Lesson 6: Widening the Heart – Loving Our Enemies
Lesson 7: Softening the Heart – Cultivating Forgiveness
Lesson 8: Developing the Tender Heart of Compassion
Lesson 9: Opening the Heart to Joy
Lesson 10: Opening the Boundless Heart

Only available in the App Store or on Google Play.

Cost: $4.99 to listen to it once or $19.99 to own the series