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This five-daylong series may be attended in full or in part. You can join the series at any point; each day is a standalone program. You must register for each class separately. These five programs combine to create a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s key teachings and emphasizes learning how to apply mindfulness and wisdom practices in our lives. In each daylong, there will be guided meditations, lectures, discussion, and inquiry. This series will start January 12, 2018, and end February 9, 2018, if you choose to attend all five daylong programs.

Program Titles:

  • 1 – Four Foundations of Mindfulness – January 12
  • 2 – Four Noble Truths – January 19
  • 3 – The Boundless Heart – January 26
  • 4 – Eightfold Path-Part A – February 2
    The Eightfold Path explores our journey of how we learn to live with wisdom, compassion, and peace. On the Buddhist path, every aspect of our life is to be included as a vehicle for awakening. In this daylong, we will look at the first four parts of the Eightfold Path – Wise Effort, Wise Mindfulness, Wise Concentration, and Wise Understanding. We will explore how to cultivate and develop these qualities more fully in our practice and in our lives.
  • 5 – Eightfold Path-Part B – February 9

Follow the links to register for each livestream program separately.

Health care providers will be able to incorporate this day’s teachings to cultivate wisdom, compassion, and peace in ways that can support them as care providers. Teachings will be given on the origins of suffering, and practices will be offered that can be used to reduces stresses in the workplace and improve patient care. Health care providers will learn concrete steps to minimize suffering for self and others involving practices to steady the mind, cultivate attention and concentration, and engender responses appropriate in the current moment.

Teachings are appropriate for health care professionals as well as the general public. Continuing Education (CE) credit available for in-person attendance only.