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Liberation from the Inner Critic
A Mindful and Compassionate Response to the Judging Mind

Do you experience the painful, negative effects of self-judgment? Do you judge yourself or others as never good enough, not quite right, or always falling short? Despite how it might feel, you can free yourself from the inner critic for good.

Guided by lighthearted mindfulness teacher Mark Coleman, MA, you will learn how to replace this common habit with self-compassion, clarity, and kindness. Through talks, interactive exercises, and specific techniques, you will learn to:

  • Deal effectively with self-judgment and inner critic attacks
  • Develop self-acceptance, self-compassion, and metta (lovingkindness) as an antidote to self-judgment
  • Cultivate forgiveness as a support for embracing your humanness
  • Distinguish between negative self-judgment and rational discernment
  • Build a healthy conscience so you don’t need to rely on the inner critic.

You will take home a practical toolbox for working effectively with judgments and for achieving true peace of mind.

Why Attend?

  • Transform self-judgment through mindfulness, kindness, and inquiry.
  • Get relief from the endless negative talk in your mind.
  • Engage in a practical, experiential way to take yourself less seriously!