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Join us in exploring both our inner and outer nature, by practicing presence in the outdoors.

Many ancient wisdom teachings, including those of the Buddha, ask humans to pay attention to the richness of life on our planet, to offer gratitude for all that we receive, and to care for all living things. And yet, while the earth calls for our attention, our focus is lost in digital screens and indoor living. As a result, we feel deeply disconnected, distracted, and dulled. We also fail to respond wisely as the earth and its species suffer greatly.

The good news? We can reawaken our sensory awareness by stepping out into any natural setting and skillfully expanding our field of our attention. Through meditation in the natural world, we can open our minds and hearts, and form a deeper connection with all living things.

World-renowned meditation teacher, Mark Coleman, will be leading this month-long, nature-based mindfulness course. Mark is an “inner and outer explorer,” author, senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, founder of Awake in the Wild, and co-director of Mindfulness Training Institute, who has led mindful wilderness retreats around the world for twenty years.

Intimacy with nature can help us to feel more alive, connected, joyful, and loving.

By taking the time to meditate outside, we can…

Awaken our senses.
Through practicing sensory awareness by focusing on sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, we can cultivate an intimate relationship with the present moment. By meditating on our immediate felt experience, we begin to feel more enlivened and embodied; more awake and alive.

Feel a greater sense of connection.
When we practice mindful awareness in nature, we re-establish a rich intimacy with the world around us, and we feel more inter-connected with the intricate web of life. We feel viscerally we are of the earth not on the earth. We remember that we are innately whole.

Access radiant qualities of the heart and mind.
The joy of listening to morning bird-song. The delightful smell of a blooming flower. The awe of witnessing a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis. These wonders of nature can help us to find balance, and build resilience; to offset habitual negativity bias; and, to navigate the high stress of our times.

Open to deeper dimensions of love for the earth and all its species.
Mindfulness in nature can help us to tap into grief as we behold the loss and destruction of the earth’s eco-systems. This tenderness can be used to motivate us to become more active, loving stewards and protectors of the earth.


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