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The Buddha stated that awareness is an essential factor for liberation and peace. In this meditation retreat, we will explore this innate quality of awareness: what it is, how to recognize it, and how to cultivate it. We will inquire into what interferes with stabilizing in awareness both in meditation and in daily activity.

Mindful awareness provides the ability to be present with all experience with clarity, insight and equanimity. It is the foundation for wisdom, compassion and awakening. As mindfulness grows, we will see how to abide in an effortless, clear and radiant awareness in every moment.

Teachings are appropriate for health care professionals as well as the general public. Care providers will find that the development of these practices of awareness — clarity, insight and equanimity — can aid in lowering levels of stress and reactivity, aiding in more skillful decision making and better communication with colleagues and patients. Continuing Education (CE) credit available.

Learning Objectives for participating health care professionals:

•Describe and utilize meditations to cultivate awareness and presence for stabilizing and centering self or client:;
• Use mindfulness techniques to identify and prevent habitual reactivity, in ways that reduce emotional exhaustion and result in improved patient care;
•Utilize mindfulness practices to steady the mind and opening the heart in preparation for clients and patients, in ways that may improve focus and reduce rumination;
• Describe how mindfulness practices can promote insight in to the origins of stress and suffering.

Continuing Education content level: Intermediate

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