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Nature has the power to be a profound support, to calm us, to lift our hearts and teach us about resilience in adversity. This is the reason people for millennia, including the Buddha, have sought refuge in the natural world. And when paired with contemplative meditation, nature becomes a support for wisdom, joy, nourishment and ease. It is transformative and life-saving.

I developed Awake in the Wild Meditation in Nature practices over decades of leading wilderness meditation retreats and observing the deep peace that people feel when in contact with nature. This Resilience and Nature course reveals how mindfulness in nature supports you to live with a steady presence and peaceful heart in the midst of turbulence conditions.

But these practices are not limited to the “great outdoors”. You can practice meditation in nature anywhere: in your garden, on your deck, or while simply looking out a window or gazing at a plant in your home. Each allows you to connect to the power of nature’s stillness and wisdom.

Throughout this course, you will develop a variety of mindfulness-based nature meditation practices, influenced by Buddhist wisdom teachings, that train you to be present to your inner and outer experience with clarity and receptivity. They will fortify you with resilience.

As we practice alone, but in community together, we will explore potent sitting and walking meditation practices that open the mind to insight, open the heart to beauty, and open the sensory body to an interconnection with all life.

Through awareness in nature, we learn from her wisdom about the truth of transience, interdependence, and letting go. We will experience how nature evokes beautiful qualities of delight, peace, and open-hearted love – qualities so essential in these stressful pandemic times.

This program provides you with daily guidance and inspiration to support you throughout the entirety of the course. Each week you will receive:

  • Two guided sensory-based nature audio meditations
  • Two video teachings on nature meditation and resilience
  • Weekly Zoom calls where Mark or a guest teacher will give teachings, guide meditations and respond to your questions and reflections
  • Two readings and/or reflections from Mark delivered by email and designed to support your practice


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