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The Buddha taught that there is a direct way for alleviating suffering and discovering peace, wisdom, and happiness through cultivating the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. In this weekend retreat, we will explore in depth these beautiful, liberating, and accessible practices that form the basis of Insight Meditation practice.

We begin by exploring mindfulness of body – how awareness of the body serves as a vehicle for awakening. Then we bring attention to the realm of feelings (vedana) that supports a non-reactive presence to the pleasure and pain of life. The second day focuses on developing a wise relationship to emotions, mind-states, and thoughts, and understanding the nature of experience (Dharmas) – different qualities and teachings that support our unfolding awakening, peace, and well-being.

Throughout the weekend, we will develop awareness of these foundations in the context of meditation and how to live with this awareness in our life.

All are welcome! No one will be turned away for lack of funds as space allows. For more information, please email Registration@spiritrock.org.

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