Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation

Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation is a unique way to be in nature. It is the art of being outdoors with a contemplative presence. Through the power of mindfulness people can cultivate a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world.

Unlike being indoors, meditating in the wild allows you to utilize all of your senses and the sensory environment as a support for being present. From that intimate connection, you  can develop insight, clarity and a visceral understanding  of knowing one’s place in the web of life. By doing so, the wisdom of nature is easily revealed.

Utilizing various mindfulness practices outdoors allows you to touch a sense of joy, wonder, love and connection. It is a way to wake up to the preciousness of this moment and the beauty of the earth we all share. Out of that connection can arise a deep care for the planet and a desire to live in greater harmony and sustainability.

Community Invite

Through 52 engaging weekly practices, you will (learn to) meditate in a variety of nature landscapes in all kinds of weather with confidence and clarity. This yearlong meditation practice is supported by Mark Coleman’s A Field Guide to Nature Meditation which will serve as our “guide-book” for the practice. Mark will provide guidance as to which weekly meditations we will be practicing throughout each month. We will focus on practicing one of the 52 meditations each week, as presented in this Field Guide, as an integral part of the yearlong commitment to nature meditation.


Throughout the year, you are invited to submit questions and observations about your practice. A monthly Q&A session will be held by a certified Awake in the Wild meditation teacher. As you practice these meditations, you are encouraged to connect with other members of the community by sharing photos and reflections about your nature based meditation experience in our dedicated Facebook group (optional). This yearlong meditation immersion is a support for enriching and clarifying your nature-based meditation practice as well as helping cultivate a meaningful relationship with the natural world, and a community dedicated to nature based awareness.

Community Invitation

Weekday Nature Meditation


These one-hour online meditations will be a support for all those who like to be in nature and feel the support of the natural world for our practice and to help calm and relax our body, mind and heart.

Running weekdays at 7:30 am Pacific Time / 10:30 am Eastern Time. There will not be meditations on the weekends. To view the calendar of scheduled weekday leaders, click here.

This class is offered freely.

If, however, you wish to offer a donation to Mark, click here.

If you wish to offer a donation to the other Awake in the Wild teachers, click here.

Awake in the Wild Teacher Training

Awake in the Wild Teacher Training

The Awake in the Wild Teacher Training is an apprenticeship training in guiding contemplative nature practice, inspired by wisdom teachings from the Buddhist tradition, by Mark Coleman’s book Awake in the Wild (AITW) and by the wilderness retreats led by Mark for more than two decades across the globe. Nature meditation brings mindful awareness practices into the outdoors as a support for presence, connection, and insight. Mark is excited to share this cherished work with a group of dedicated nature meditation practitioners that will give them tools to begin to share similar practices with others.

The next teacher training will begin in September 2023 in Europe.

Upcoming Nature Retreats

Baja Kayaking and Meditation Retreat
November 11-17, 2023
Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico

This mindfulness retreat will be held entirely in serene silence. We will cultivate mindful awareness through sitting, walking and movement meditations (meditating approximately 6-8 times during the day). Mark will guide practices each day to deepen a contemplative relationship to nature. He will also offer talks and group and individual meetings to support participant’s meditation practice. There will also be time to explore the natural surroundings in a contemplative way through paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and walking in this spectacular setting.

Awake in the Wild: The Book

Awake in the Wild

Awake in the Wild

by Mark Coleman
Introduction by Jack Kornfield

Many of us have forgotten how to listen, feel, and sense the natural world and why it’s vital to our own humanity. We can turn the tide by engaging in regular contact with nature while cultivating the simple yet profound quality of mindful attention. Awake in the Wild is a guide to using Buddhist meditative techniques in the natural world as  a way to access nature’s gifts, blessings, and guidance.

“In nature we can feel a living connection with life all around us. Being outdoors we can taste how we are held and nourished exquisitely by the intricate web of life that is supporting us in every moment, every breath. It helps us to discover our place in the scheme of things and, perhaps, to realize we are already whole. Intimacy with nature can both heal us and teach us to be in harmony and at peace with ourselves and the world.”

~Mark Coleman, from Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery