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Mindfulness as a Path of Awakening Retreat

The audio clips below were taped as part of the Mindfulness as a Path of Awakening retreat held at Spirit Rock. Through this retreat you will learn skillful methods to establish and refine mindful presence that develops self-awareness, clarity and insight. The retreat is a variety of sitting and walking meditations and talks on meditation.

The recordings may be used for your own personal retreat, spread out over five days as the original retreat was or at your own pace. For each day, there is one recorded morning session and one afternoon session.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

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Meditation Journeys the VR App

Presented by The New York Times
with Mark Coleman

Take a moment to be more mindful as The New York Times presents Meditation Journeys, an immersive VR experience that will transport you to a spectacular Pacific Ocean vista, the peaceful shade beneath the giant redwoods, a babbling stream where you can watch the sunrise and the quiet stillness atop the California hills at sunset. Throughout each journey, the meditation coach Mark Coleman, founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute, will guide you through these mindful meditations.

With four videos in this collection, you can choose the meditation and location that suits your mood. Meditating while immersed in VR may change the way you think about mindfulness – or simply make it easier to shut off the outside world and focus on your meditation practice.

Meditation Journeys


The Art of Mindfulness MeditationThe Art of Mindfulness Meditation

Meditations for Awareness, Insight, Relaxation and Peace
by Mark Coleman

Train your mind to discover clarity, calm and profound relief from stress. Discover the power and personal effectiveness of the art of mindfulness meditation.

Includes “Mindfulness of Breathing,” “Insight Meditation,” and “Body-Scan Meditation.”

“Mark shows us how mindful awareness tools can help us breathe the invigorating air of wakefulness, extending meditation far beyond the cushion and into the great outdoors of life itself.” –Lama Surya Das, renowned meditation teacher and author

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Awakening the Heart

Meditations on Love, Compassion, Joy and Forgiveness

These meditations teach you how to live with a ‘Heart as Wide as the World’ which embraces everything with kindness and friendliness.

Includes “Loving Kindness,” “Compassion,” “Appreciative Joy,” and “Forgiveness.”

“These are powerful, heart-opening practices. Mark Coleman’s instructions are clear, gentle and supportive.” –Sharon Salzberg, renowned meditation teacher and best-selling author

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Poems from the WildPoems from the Wild

by Mark Coleman

Reading his own nature-inspired poetry, mindfulness and meditation teacher Mark Coleman movingly speaks to the heart about the path toward awakening and how to live this human life with presence, curiosity, and love.

Includes “Piano Intro (feat. Liam Selwyn),” “Morning Song,” “Taking the Leap,” “Coyote Calling,” “The Moment,” “Surprise,” “Coming Out,” “Newborn,” “Bees in Paradise,” “Dandelions,” “Dawn’s Paradise,” “Finding Ourselves,” “To Shine,” “Melting Time,” “Your Only Duty,” “Spring,” “I Want to Know You,” “Aging Sunflowers,” “On Laying in Fields of Wheat,” and “Piano Music (feat. Liam Selwyn)”.

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