To be considered for the course you will need to submit a 2-3 min video of you speaking directly to camera, saying how meditation has impacted your life and why you want to take the course. To submit the video, you’ll need to upload it to your own personal YouTube or Vimeo account and paste the link into your application form. Please do not attempt to upload the video file into your application form. Doing so will prevent the successful submission of your application.

Instructions for how to upload a video to YouTube are available here:
For the video’s privacy setting, please choose either Public or Unlisted. For more details about the privacy settings, visit this link:

Before applying, please note that applicants should have:

1. A minimum of five years regular meditation practice (mindfulness based)
2. Attended at least two silent mindfulness retreats of a minimum of five days each
3. Extensive experience being in nature
4. Meditation teaching experience

Exceptions concerning these guidelines are at the discretion of the faculty.

When you submit your application, please also send a photograph of yourself to Mark’s administrator, Jen, at

NOTE: It may take a moment for your application to go through once you have hit the “Submit” button. Please do not navigate away from this page until you receive an onscreen confirmation message that your application has been successfully received. If you do not receive a confirmation message, then it likely the application has not been submitted. Please check that you have filled in all of the required fields before resubmitting.

If you continue to have problems, please write to Jen, at