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with Mark Coleman, MA, Eugene Cash, Leslie Booker and Tina Clay

Awareness is the foundation of kindness – kindness is the expression of awareness.

Awareness and kindness are essential and beautiful qualities of an awakened life. Mindful awareness leads to clarity, understanding, and insight. Love allows us to meet life’s challenges with compassionate care. Together, they support a kind and wise embrace of ourselves, each other, and life.

In this silent retreat, we will discover how these qualities are intimately related and mutually supportive. We will explore how they are necessary in any journey of awakening, and in learning to live wisely and kindly.

We will cultivate awareness through mindfulness meditations and develop a compassionate orientation through heart-opening practices and attitudes. We will inquire into what obstructs the heart, and what hinders us from being fully present and awake in the moment. Teachings will focus on the integration of love and awareness, cultivating a mindfulness practice that is infused with a kind, receptive presence.

Scholarship offerings: In returning to the land, we will also be returning to our pre-pandemic scholarship options and policies. All scholarship rates require a minimum fee ($50/night). Scholarships are limited to TWO per calendar year for on-land retreats. And, while we are not able to offer “pay what you can”-type of scholarships for in-person retreats, they are still available for online offerings as space allows.

Hemera Fellowships – are you eligible? Learn more…

Room Occupancy Update*: Starting with our “Living with Awareness” retreat on March 27, 2022, we will return to double occupancy rooms. Many of our rooms are single occupancy (only 16 of 80 rooms are double occupancy). We will also return to offering a “guaranteed single room” rate and these will be limited (16). This rate guarantees a single room while helping to support scholarships and all we do here at Spirit Rock. The remaining single rooms are not exclusive to the top end of the sliding scale; however, they are initially prioritized for those with serious medical needs.

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