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with Mark Coleman, MA and Dawn Mauricio

This program is to be held entirely online and designed for meditators and Buddhist practitioners wishing to engage wholeheartedly in a deep exploration and practice of Dharma through the study and teaching of the Buddha’s “Noble Eightfold Path.” Using the classic Buddhist teachings of sīla, samādhi, and pañña (ethics, meditation, and wisdom), we will look at how we cultivate mindfulness, kindness, and balance given the inner stresses of modern life, and the outer challenges of social inequity and the pressure of climate change.

This will be a practical, experiential, and meditative program exploring the Buddha’s teachings on the eight limbs of the Dharma path: Wise Understanding, Wise Motivation, Wise Action, Wise Livelihood, Wise Communication, Wise Effort, Wise Mindfulness, and Wise Concentration. Through the support of these teachings we will inquire how to live and respond to life with awareness, wisdom, and compassion.

In this journey, we will create a vibrant learning community to study, meditate, and inquire into these key areas of Buddhist teaching and how to make these teachings practical and relevant in our current social milieu. Our meditation practice and what is happening around us politically, socially, and globally are not separate. As we explore the Eightfold Path teachings, we will apply what was taught 2600 years ago to what we live and experience in our contemporary lives.


  • Monthly large group sessions (recorded)
  • Monthly small group sessions
  • Daily and monthly home practices and readings
  • Monthly written reflections
  • Monthly Q&A (recorded)


  • Must attend Program Opening on September 30, 2023 – required!
  • Must attend at least 6 of 8 large group sessions live (and access recordings of any missed sessions)
  • Meditation: 20-30 min/day recommended
  • Reading, journaling, and written reflections: 4-8 hr/month
  • One small group meeting with teachers (held during a large group session)
  • Q&A Sessions: 1 hr/month (highly recommended but not required, and will be recorded)
    • Wed, Nov 15 – 10:00am PT
    • Wed, Jan 10 – 6:00pm PT
    • Thurs, Feb 15 – 10:00am PT
    • Wed, March 20 – 6:00pm PT


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