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The Buddha stated that sati (mindfulness / awareness) is a direct and complete path to Liberation. Mindful awareness provides the ability to be present with all experience with clarity, insight, and equanimity. It is the foundation for wisdom, compassion, and awakening.

In this silent meditation retreat, we will explore this innate quality of awareness – what it is, how to recognize it, and how to cultivate and nurture it. We will investigate how moment-to-moment continuity of mindfulness builds concentration, which in turn supports a depth of awareness.

We will inquire into what interferes with fully stabilizing in awareness, both in meditation and in ordinary activity. As mindfulness grows, we will see how this capacity to abide awareness is available in every moment.

This retreat will include meditation, dharma talks, and inquiry.

Location: Upper Walking Hall. This retreat is designed as a smaller and more intimate retreat and as such, it is held in the upper Walking Hall. This hall is located at the top of a flight of stairs adjacent to the main meditation hall. It is not accessible by wheelchair or scooter. If you have mobility limitations such that you cannot climb a flight of stairs, this retreat is not appropriate for you. Please contact the registration department (retreats@spiritrock.org) for more details BEFORE you register for this retreat if you have concerns related to accessibility to the upper Walking Hall.