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with Mark Coleman

Do you have challenges with focus and time management or struggle with emotional hypersensitivity or frustration tolerance? Do you find it hard to follow through on tasks or commitments, or to be reliable and consistent? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer daily with conditions associated with these executive function challenges. Though commonly referred to as ADHD, these symptoms are not limited to this condition, and they are often exacerbated by our complex, fast-paced, high-tech lives.

Such conditions often leave people with a sense of self-doubt, shame, or unworthiness. The good news is that with mindfulness, compassion, and with the application of skillful techniques, it is possible to understand and function more effectively with care and wisdom. On this daylong retreat we’ll explore navigating these challenges, how they interrupt our functioning, and how we can meet ourselves with compassion.

Important note: This retreat is NOT intended to replace any medications or other therapeutic approaches you may already be exploring with your physician or via mental health providers. It is intended to compliment such approaches by providing a Dharma perspective on these challenging inner conditions.

On-Land Attendance

  • The on-land day program will take place in the Community Meditation Center in the Great Hall.
  • Bring a sack lunch and a water bottle. Lunch will not be provided.
  • This is NOT a residential retreat. Overnight accommodations are not provided.


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