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Led by Mark Coleman, Lori Schwanbeck, Teddi Dean, and Thérèse O’Neill

How often do you find yourself truly disconnecting from the chaos of daily life to reconnect with nature and your inner self, particularly during the chaos of the holiday season?

Can you envision how connecting with your body, community, and the natural world could lead to a profound sense of gratitude and awe that could carry you forward? This spacious workshop will be an invitation to unplug, reset and realign as we connect to ourselves, others and nature.

Through connection to our bodies, community and nature we will experience how gratitude, awe and beauty uplift the heart, expand the mind, and connect us to a sense of vitality and wisdom.
This optimal state enriches possibility and helps clarify a deeper sense of purpose.

Nature meditation teacher Mark Coleman, ecopsychologist Lori Schwanbeck along with MEA’s own MIndfulness/Movement director Teddi Dean, guide you through a heartfelt week, bringing the classroom outdoors to the beauty of Baja waterfalls, serene beaches and clear starlit nights.
What you’ll do

The MEA core curriculum forms the foundation of each workshop we offer and is focused on equipping you with the skills to navigate transitions, break through life obstacles, and tap into your deeper life purpose.

Additionally, in this particular workshop, you’ll explore actionable ideas and practical tools, including how to:

  • Grow gratitude as a lifelong trait, a way of being that supports transitions, clarifies purpose and connects us to the world around us
  • Awaken a sense of aliveness through the body
  • Cultivate attention to become more present in your life
  • Attune to the wisdom of nature for guidance and inspiration
  • Connect and deepen friendships with your MEA community
  • Re-source through nature based mindfulness practices
  • This all inclusive week comes with a special Thanksgiving dinner

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