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Weekday Nature Meditations – Online

These online meditations will be a support for all those who like to be in nature and feel the support of the natural world for our practice and to help calm and relax our body, mind and heart.

Awake in the Wild Teacher Training Informational Q&A Session

This online informational session with Mark Coleman is for those interested in applying to his Awake in the Wild Teacher Training and who have questions about the program. If you want to lead others in meditation in nature practices, now is your chance to ask Mark about this exciting program.

Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation Retreat in New Mexico

Vallecitos Mountain Ranch NM, United States

This silent retreat is grounded in the practice of Mindfulness – the capacity to be present to ourselves and our environment. Participants will learn to bring this receptive presence to develop a contemplative relationship with nature. By cultivating an inner quiet and curious spirit we can learn from nature as a perennial teacher. The natural world reveals timeless Dharma teachings that support a natural letting go and a wise relationship to all experience.

Awake in the Wild Teacher Training – Based in North America

The Awake in the Wild Meditation in Nature Teacher Training is an apprenticeship training in guiding meditation in nature practice, inspired by the wisdom teachings from the Buddhist tradition, by Mark Coleman’s book Awake in the Wild (AITW) and by the wilderness retreats led by Mark for more than a decade. Nature meditation brings mindful awareness practices into the outdoors as a support for presence, connection, and insight.

Baja Kayaking and Meditation Retreat

Sea of Cortez Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Led by Mark Coleman and based on his book, Awake in the Wild, this is a Vipassana meditation retreat and sea kayaking trip in the pristine wilderness of the Sea of Cortez. The retreat will be mostly in silence to support the meditative process, and there will be several periods of meditation daily as well as time for discussion, talks on the themes of meditation in nature, talking circles and opportunities for one to one work with the Mark Coleman. There will also be free time to paddle, swim, snorkel and enjoy this spectacular setting.

Natural Radiance: The Freedom of Awareness

Spirit Rock 5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Woodacre, CA, United States

In this silent meditation retreat, we will explore this innate quality of awareness – what it is, how to recognize it, and how to cultivate and nurture it. We will investigate how moment-to-moment continuity of mindfulness builds concentration, which in turn supports a depth of awareness.

Thanksgiving Exclusive: Exploring Wisdom of Gratitude & Teachings of Nature in Baja

How often do you find yourself truly disconnecting from the chaos of daily life to reconnect with nature and your inner self, particularly during the chaos of the holiday season? Can you envision how connecting with your body, community, and the natural world could lead to a profound sense of gratitude and awe that could carry you forward? This spacious workshop will be an invitation to unplug, reset and realign as we connect to ourselves, others and nature.

Your Brain Isn’t Broken: Meeting ADHD with Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Compassion

Spirit Rock 5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Woodacre, CA, United States

In this workshop, through engaging in various mindfulness meditations, loving kindness and forgiveness practices and contemplative inquiry, you will discover how ADHD interrupts our functioning, how to navigate the challenges it creates, and how we can meet ourselves with compassion, forgiveness, and a good sense of humor.

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